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ReachOut Creative

ReachOut Creative is a Creative Consultancy specialising in on site Visitor Engagement through theatre, educational workshops and immersive events.

From concept to delivery for your business, venue, or attraction .


Whether its hopping aboard a magical wizard express, taking visitors back in time for an immersive historical experience or providing team building experiences for companies, in a wide range of business, cultural and theatrical settings, ReachOut Creative work closely alongside all clients to bring bespoke, tailored events to life, using skills honed from years of professional experience in event management, theatrical production, design and event support.

Let us support you from your first thought to the final pack down after the event.

Over the years we have built a fantastic rapport with suppliers in many areas of the events industry, by choosing ReachOut to support your event you will also be accessing the best event suppliers in the industry. 

Proud to be members of the Independent Theatre Council and hold Ethical Manager status. 

Creative Consultancy Meetings

Stuck in a rut? Need a sounding board to help guide you to get your creative spark back? Not sure of your brand and want some clarity? Need a creative eye to look at your plans?  no matter the size or age of your business or even the industry, Creative specialists Gem and Saskia are available to assist you in moving forward in a creative and exciting way. 

Mascot/ Character Creation

Would you like your venue to have it's own mascot? Maybe that mascot has it's own story book, event or stage show. 

So many options we can help with. 

Script Writing

Do you have a team of performers and just need the script?  or back story for improvised immersive scenes? Our in house team are available to create a script that suits the mood of your event.

Theatre Production

Every element you need to host a staged performance. 

We can visit with one of our in house shows or we can create a brand new production to suit your needs. 

Event Management

If you are looking for some support for an event you already have in place, our team can support with on site management and coordination.

Ready to go Productions

Some of our performances are ready to go almost straight away, well with one or two rehearsals of course - from Short Christmas Pantos to Children Friendly Shakespeare we have a variety of ready to go in house produced shows in our repertoire. 

Immersive Events

It's all in the detail, a full back story set in your venue  decorated to immerse  your guests in a new world with actors playing characters created and cast to suit your theme.  

Story Writers & Illustrators

Our creative team features authors and illustrators who can create  bespoke story books or trail tales for your venue 

Street Theatre

We have a whole bunch of performance pieces ready to attend your event. Whether you want festive elf visits, midsummer fairies, little monsters, pirates...whatever it is. We can bring our team to your events as walk about characters covering a wide variety of theme options. 

Day to Day Enhancement

Are you looking for more interactive elements to your venue? We can assist with adding in a variety of details and additions that will help enhance your visitor engagement and bring your venue to life on a day to day basis,.

Voice Over

Does your venue need a new voice for it's pre recorded announcements or character voices? We have voice actors available for all of your voice over needs. 


We support education departments with immersive experiences, historical characters, puppets, mad scientists you name it we can do it. Assistance with interactive elements, workshops, pre recorded explainer videos and more.  

What can we provide?

Looking For Creative Support?

When you work with us at ReachOut Creative you work directly with company directors Gem & Saskia, giving you access to their years of experience in the industry and a whole host of unique stories, characters and themes. Supported by a talented team of event managers, coordinators, performers, tech crew and industry suppliers we pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to bringing ideas to life. Whether you just need someone to assist in the management of on the day logistics at a corporate themed event, a family celebration or the creation of a full theatrical touring production - no event is too big or too small. 

If you have an idea for an event but feel overwhelmed, uninspired or just don't have the time to give your event the time and focus it needs.  
Kick start the process by contacting us to arrange your initial free concept meeting where we can discuss your goals, areas where support is needed and your package options.  


'ReachOut Arts are the go-to immersive events and theatrical company for the award- winning Severn Valley Railway! Working with Saskia and Gem is an absolute pleasure; they understand how we work as a business and what our passengers want to see. They appreciate the historic nature of our attraction and the importance of working with Volunteers to produce forward-thinking experiences.

ReachOut Arts have designed and created a number of bespoke experiences for our visitors, introducing whole new events to cater for both the young and the young at heart. The Railway’s mission is to inspire future generations, and the events we have produced with ReachOut Arts have certainly done that. We have seen our TripAdvisor reviews rocket in the past year, with more five-star reviews than ever received for our Santa Trains, Wizard Express and Make Me A Train Driver Workshops. Over 10,000 people travelled on our recent Santa Trains and the theatre show produced by the team was enjoyed by everyone in attendance; following the event we sent out a visitor survey asking people to rate the quality of the show - 95% of passengers rated it good or very good.

Working with and supporting a local company is extremely important to us as a company.'

I can’t thank Reach Out Arts enough. I used their creative consultancy and met Sas and Gem to discuss an upcoming project. I had a decent concept but extremely tight deadlines and a fear of it not happening. The efficiency and directness of their meetings is astonishing and the final results outstanding. The meetings are direct, to the point and entirely action led - their ability to be so direct and still so personable is wonderful to work with. You leave each meeting, not only with a sense of direction but also an overarching sense of achievement and excitement for your project. They helped build confidence in my own ideas and helped direct me in the precise way I needed them to in order to launch the project on time and far beyond the standard I was even hoping for. I would recommend their services to anyone looking a creative input to any part of a business! Thank you so much!--

'The Hungry Guy', Chef and Food Educator 

Lewis Maddox, Events Manager, Severn Valley Railway

Client Promo Video
Filmed Christmas 2020

The promotional Video above showcases one of our Christmas events with Severn Valley Railway.  

(Video used with permission by the SVR Events Team)  

Client Testimonials


What does ReachOut Creative actually do?

In a nutshell, we provide  a team to work alongside you or on your behalf with creativity and implementation of ideas from concept design to delivery. Supporting attractions and businesses with their visitor engagement, whether thats assisting with every day experiences, educational elements, special events, immersive events or theatrical productions.

What's the process?

Well, you book a creative meeting with our company directors, who then assess your needs and provide you with various options to suit your budget and needs, whether you just want a little helping hand or want us to fully manage a project from start to finish. It is very much so a collaborative approach where we can take on the lion's share or you can delegate certain elements to us. 

Do I need to have a big venue or a business owner to work with you? 

Not at all, as Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage' we have delivered events and theatre in a variety of venues from someone's front room right up to large arenas. We can support you with bringing your venue to life  through event design, concepts, characters , improvised immersive experiences and where needed scripted performances too.


Whether you want support with a special celebration or birthday party, or a month long run of a full scale theatre production.  If it's a creative sparkle you are looking for we can help.

Why do I need your services? 

We always see value in enhancing what your visitors get out of attending a venue or event, as well as the positive impact upon your business.  As guests are now expecting much more for their hard earned money and looking for more of an experience, we feel it is important to put a focus on the detail, we know that as business owners or managers the day to day often takes the time away from being able to do that, that's where we come in. The testimonials and figures from our returning clients show that on events where we have supported delivery or created a concept, there was a significant increase in positive feedback, an increase in on site visitor spend and an increase in returning guests.

What are our event visitors saying?

‘Magical journey on the Enchanted Express! Staff were all brilliant and the experience was wonderful for children and adults.’

‘We all enjoyed the show  especially since the humour was cleverly directed at adults and children and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend'

‘Entertainment from the get go. Would highly recommend.’

'Thoroughly thought out and fantastic value for money!

Lovely time had by all'

‘A panto in a superb set up in a marquee with daft characters, a brilliant Santa and jokes galore! ‘

‘A really excellent event. Extremely well organised and very enjoyable. All staff gave amazing performances (even at times when they were not engaged in actual activities.) The spell lessons and graduation from Wizard School were superb and the treats and surprises included in the event were great. The children found it really magical and I would definitely recommend it.’

"Magical story so well told and organised. I will be taking my family every year!"

‘The panto show was FAB. It had us all laughing and my little girl loved it.’

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