Gem and Saskia are pleased to announce the launch of the first of a series of children's stories. 

There was something about the paintbrush, it was magical, so magical in fact that if Edi were to paint an enchanted wonderland it would become so real that they could jump right in!


And that’s what they did, every afternoon after school.

Join Edi and her dog Fritz on the first of many magical adventures...who knows where you will end up?


'The Magic Easel - To The Beach'!

By Gem Bridges-Medley & Saskia Fuchs


Book 1 in a new Children's book series. 

A colourful story about a little imagination.

Now available to order online via Amazon

Don't forget to tag us or send us photos of you and your little ones reading the story when it arrives.

Happy reading, we really hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it - with love Gem & Saskia xx

Author and Illustrator visits are now available for schools and educational settings with a focus on one or more of the below categories: 

  • Story Telling

  • Illustration

  • Creative Writing 

  • Drama 

Gem and Saskia are also available for assemblies and story telling sessions at events. 

A little note about orders via Amazon:


Thanks to everyone who has bought our book so far, it has been lovely hearing from you all about receiving them.


However, we have just heard that on some random copies of the book, there are additional copies of pages randomly in the middle of the book - it appears to be a very rare issue in one or two copies that must have been in the same batch, if this is the case with your copy please inform Amazon to get a new one sent out, they are really good at solving issues like that if you inform them. We would love for you to see it as intended and not in a random pickle like that.

We can promise you the original version and the majority of copies are as it should be, so it is an error on their end as they print on demand!

Thanks all!