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The Magic Easel: To the Beach

By Gem Bridges-Medley, Illustrated by Saskia Fuchs

There was something about the paintbrush, it was magical, so magical in fact that if Edi were to paint an enchanted wonderland it would become so real that they could jump right in! And that’s what they did, every afternoon after school.

Join Edi and her dog Fritz on the first of many magical adventures...who knows where you will end up? This colourful story created by ReachOut Directors Gem & Saskia  is aimed at ages 8 and under. 

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The Enchanted Express - A Selection of Poems and Short Stories.

By Gem Bridges-Medley and Saskia Fuchs

A wonderful collection of poems and short stories inspired by 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. This book features a gang of enchanting characters as they make their way through different lands on this Christmas adventure. This book is a great accompliment to the Enchanted Express Ride on the Severn Valley Railway. Illustrated and written by ReachOut Directors Gem & Saskia, This book is a great addition to your festive bedtime reading. 

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