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Team ReachOut

 Introducing our talented team of creative professionals, amongst this wonderful group of people you will find a multitude of skills, many years of experience and a whole lot of creativity. 

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Gem Bridges-Medley

Creative Director /Owner

BA Hons Event Management

PGCE  Further Education & Training

 ADPA  Musical Theatre

Find out more about Gem

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Saskia Guy

Creative Director/Owner

BA Hons Theatre Performance & Event Design

MA Drama & Theatre in Education 

Find out more about Saskia

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Lesley Roberts Armitage

Admin Assistant

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Milly Corbett

Educational Coordinator


Ruth Goss

Finance Manager

Ruth provides her services via

RG Admin and Bookkeeping



Wil Toulson

Creative Assistant and Educational Support

Wil has been with ReachOut since day one in an ad hoc capacity, as of 2022 we are delighted to welcome Wil to our office team as he assists in all departments with the development of productions and programmes. 


Our Performers and Practitioners 

ReachOut Arts are proud to have a pool of regular supporting artists, performers and educators who work alongside us to deliver our events and workshops. With years of experience between them and a whole lot of talent, our team return to work with us project after project to ensure we deliver our events and workshops to the highest quality.  We are proud to have staff members from all backgrounds who really do put their heart and souls into all we do. 

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