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Creative Consultancy

Our Creative Consultancy operates as part of ReachOut Creative and specialises in on site Visitor Engagement through customer journey enhancement, exhibit design, theatre, educational workshops and immersive events. From concept to delivery for your business, venue or attraction.


We work closely alongside all clients to bring bespoke, tailored events to life, using skills honed from years of professional experience in event management, theatrical production, design and event support.


​When you work with us at ReachOut Creative, you work directly with company directors Gem & Saskia giving you access to their years of experience in the industry and a whole host of unique stories, characters and themes. Supported by a talented team of event managers, coordinators, performers, tech crew and industry suppliers, we pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to bringing ideas to life. Whether you just need someone to assist with adding some excitement to exhibitions or displays you already have in place, or need help with the management of “on the day” logistics at a corporate themed event, a family celebration or the creation of a full theatrical touring production - no event or request is too big or too small.

How does it work?


First things first...


Book a discovery call with us, this initial phone or video call will last up to 30 minutes and is free of charge, within this we will establish what it is you are hoping to gain as an outcome as well as chat to you about the kind of support we can offer.

Our first consultancy meeting...


Following our discovery call, should you wish to move forward with our consultancy, our directors will arrange to visit you on site to get an overview of the kind of support you are looking for, maybe you are feeling a bit deflated by your offering and need a creative eye to upgrade displays, exhibits or even the delivery of events.  Do you find yourself falling behind your competitors and want to introduce new ideas but are struggling with a starting point? our initial visit review will guide you to your next steps.  

Next Steps...


Our menu of support covers a variety of ways we can assist you in enhancing your offering. 

*A Retainer Package -Many of our clients find regular support ensures consistency and momentum with your future plans.
*Ad Hoc Consultancy Meetings - to specifically focus on one project.
*Event Design/Creation/Theatrical Production - Working on a specific event from concept to delivery, providing the level of support you feel you require.
*Staff Training / Delivery Support - Enhancing the creativity of delivery by working alongside current staff via training sessions to build an engaging delivery method.


Prices are quoted upon application


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Why do you need Creative Consultancy?

We always see value in enhancing what your visitors get out of attending a venue or event, as well as the positive impact upon your business. The testimonials and figures from our returning clients show that on events where we have supported delivery or created a concept, there was a significant increase in positive feedback, an increase in on site visitor spend and an increase in returning guests.

Does your venue or setting have a tale to tell?  Maybe you are looking for character to become the heart and soul of your space, bringing your setting to life and enticing a new audience?  Maybe you feel your displays need a little extra sparkle, or are hoping to become a venue suited to a variety of ages. With years of experience in theatrical production, exhibit space design, visitor engagement and more, we can help you make the most of your current offering or assist you in a creative overhaul.

Examples of ways we can support you...

Below are just some of the ways we have worked with our clients previously. Of course, the nature of our work means we never know where it could lead us. There is no end to the list of ways in which we can support you to reach your desired outcomes, so why not get in touch and see where working with us could take you?

Enchanted Book.jpg

Venue/Event Specific Books




Design Suggestions

This book was commissioned to add another layer to an event we had theatrically produced and created for our client. Written and illustrated by our company directors,  this element has allowed for additional income streams to support the event as well as offering the customer value for money. This particular event also led to the collaboration with Dame Julie Walters, who very kindly agreed to narrate the audio version of this story. 

A number of characters are created to support events and venues for our clients where they feel they want to bring an event or exhibition to life, as a company, at ReachOut Creative, we can provide our own in house team ready to go, or alternatively we can work with you to create a brief and train your own team to deliver a variety of events such as on site demos or site specific themed events. 

Design suggestions are just one part of what we offer, taking the space you have and finding creative ways to bring it to life and make the most of what you already have. With a strong focus on the customer journey, we can work with you to create something that really fits the brief. From story boards and mood boards to installation.

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Business Launch Support


Change of Direction

Building a new business, our client was given the opportunity to take over an already established dance school and came to us for creative support in creating a new brand and offering that still held onto the beliefs and values of the previous owners, allowing for new students as well as retaining the previous students. Following a block of consultancy meetings with ReachOut Creative, our client was able to re launch the business in her own right, and increase her student numbers whilst using us as a sounding board for new ideas. As a solo business owner, it is often difficult to find someone to bounce ideas with. 

Stuck at a creative block, our client came to us to find their feet in taking a step into a new side of their business - education. 

With our educational backgrounds and successful educate department at The ReachOut Arts Group, we were able to assist in creating a selection of activities that were tailored to a summer of events with a variety of customers with the aim to reduce food waste and inspire young people to explore food and cook.

Successful customer feedback inspired our client to push forward with this side of the business and he now proudly offers a varierty of workshops in schools and educational settings working with a plethora of clients who fund the implementation of the programme to enable the important messages to reach those who may not normally have opportunity to discover such topics. 

Visitor Engagement Manager,

Severn Valley Railway

ReachOut Arts are the go-to immersive events and theatrical company for the award- winning Severn Valley Railway! Working with Saskia and Gem is an absolute pleasure; they understand how we work as a business and what our passengers want to see. They appreciate the historic nature of our attraction and the importance of working with Volunteers to produce forward-thinking experiences.

ReachOut Arts have designed and created a number of bespoke experiences for our visitors, introducing whole new events to cater for both the young and the young at heart. The Railway’s mission is to inspire future generations, and the events we have produced with ReachOut Arts have certainly done that. We have seen our TripAdvisor reviews rocket in the past year, with more five-star reviews than ever received for our Santa Trains, Wizard Express and Make Me A Train Driver Workshops. Over 10,000 people travelled on our recent Santa Trains and the theatre show produced by the team was enjoyed by everyone in attendance; following the event we sent out a visitor survey asking people to rate the quality of the show - 95% of passengers rated it good or very good.

Working with and supporting a local company is extremely important to us as a company.'

Client Testimonials

Private Chef & Food Educator,

The Hungry Guy

I can’t thank ReachOut Creative enough. I used their creative consultancy and met Sas and Gem to discuss an upcoming project. I had a decent concept but extremely tight deadlines and a fear of it not happening. The efficiency and directness of their meetings is astonishing and the final results outstanding. The meetings are direct, to the point and entirely action led - their ability to be so direct and still so personable is wonderful to work with. You leave each meeting, not only with a sense of direction but also an overarching sense of achievement and excitement for your project. They helped build confidence in my own ideas and helped direct me in the precise way I needed them to in order to launch the project on time and far beyond the standard I was even hoping for. I would recommend their services to anyone looking a creative input to any part of a business! Thank you so much!

Dance School Principal,

Aspire Dance Company

This year, I had the chance to transform a local dance school into my own business. ReachOut Creative played a crucial role, offering guidance and support beyond my expectations. They not only provided creative options but also empowered me to bring my own ideas to life. If I felt unsure or needed advice in the challenging journey of starting a business, their unwavering assistance and tools ensured I felt like I had a support team around me guiding me to success. I'm so grateful for their creative minds, and I'll undoubtedly stay connected with ReachOut Creative as my business continues to grow.

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