ReachOut School of Arts: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial a class before I fully enrol?

You can! All classes can be trialled for the first time for £1, Dinky trials are £2 and can be paid cash on the day of your class. 

You will need to get in touch to confirm your attendance prior to arriving. 

Do you offer drop ins or will I need to sign up for a full term?

Our regular sessions at ReachOut School of Arts are all booked on a half termly basis, however, we know with pre schoolers that sometimes the week doesn't start out as planned so for our Dinky sessions only we do offer a drop in rate of £6.50 per student per week - although, please be aware that drop in Dinky spaces are on a first come first served basis so please do check with us first if we have space. 

Many of our classes operate waiting lists, with this in mind, when you formally accept a place following a trial you will be accepting a place for a minimum of half a term, if you do plan on leaving classes you will need to let us know a minimum of 2 weeks before the end of the previous half term block. Failure to inform us of you giving up a space in a class within this time frame will result in you being charged for the following half term block. 

Are there any family/multi class discounts?

For Half termly bookings we offer discount rates for families across all ReachOut School of Arts  (ROSOA) classes as follows:

  • 5% for 2 classes over the ROSOA timetable/2 siblings,

  • 10% for 3 classes over the ROSOA timetable/3 siblings,

  • 15% for 4 classes or more over the ROSOA timetable/4 siblings or more.

e.g - if you have a child who attends Dinky and another older child who attends a junior theatre and 1st stage dance class, this would be 3 classes, we would count the number of classes your family take per week to offer the discount in this case 10% off of the half termly fees. 
Or, if you had 2 children attending the same Dinky class you would receive 5% discount. 
So, whether you have an only child or 4 children, the more classes you take as a family the more discount you will receive.

Will I get to perform if I attend classes?

All classes are invited to attend and participate in our Annual Show as well as our Carnival entries. We also welcome you to attend our Summer Awards party. Our Spotlight Class on a Friday has a bigger performance focus and will often have additional performance opportunities to those in other classes.  Any events outside of regular class time will be non compulsory and may require an additional fee to class fees in order to participate. We may also sometimes offer additional opportunities with additional short term classes/rehearsals. For Example: In February 2020, ROSOA performed in a touring Dance Showcase in Birmingham at the Alexandra Theatre. This performance was open to all students aged 5+ and required an 8 week rehearsal period on a Sunday morning. 

What is the difference between Spotlight Theatre Company and Creative Theatre Classes?

Creative Theatre - Juniors & Seniors

Creative Theatre sessions run on Tuesday and Wednesday in Bridgnorth and Broseley. These sessions are the reason we do what we do, the classes offer students the opportunity to build confidence in a creative setting, performing is a part of what we do but it is not the main focus of this particular class,  although, due to the nature of what we do, we do try and offer some performance opportunities. Although we use performance skills as a tool to build confidence, this is also a great class for children who enjoy letting out creative energy but don’t necessarily want to be the star of the stage and perform. It is also a great class for those who don't want to have the pressure that comes with rehearsals and needing to learn lines, routines and lyrics for a deadline. We explore various performance styles and learn key skills where the main focus is on building confidence within a smaller age range.  Creative theatre students will get the chance to perform in our annual show and where possible we will offer more performances throughout the year to these groups should they want them - these performances for this class are never compulsory.  

Spotlight Theatre Company - Mixed Ages year 1-13

Our Spotlight class welcomes students from across the schools and also those who don’t attend any of our other classes, featuring a combination of students from both Bridgnorth and Broseley settings. This session has a strong performance focus and you will find  we are always working towards a performance of some kind in a rehearsal style setting, the group takes a more theatre company approach having a wide age range of year 1 - year 13. Allowing students  of varying ages to work together, our younger students may see our older students as role models, helping them to feel confident in taking on bigger roles as they grow. 

The group will learn performance technique year round and participating in showcases and additional opportunities is encouraged, in our show term we would ask that all those attending the class are able to offer the commitment needed to participate in the performance. This group will spend their term time building up a repertoire of routines and numbers so that when any opportunities come up, we have a team ready to go with something suitable. The sessions run for a little longer than creative theatre, allowing more time for rehearsal.  Spotlight students will at minimum get to perform in our annual show as well as in our short concert at the awards. We are aways on the look out for additional performance opportunities to be involved in too. 

Spotlight vs Creative Theatre

Both sessions offer high quality theatre based tuition but with a different outcome focus, you may find that both classes appeal or that one suits you more than the other. Many of our Spotlight students also regularly attend our Creative Theatre sessions too. We are happy to discuss further if you are unsure of which class may suit you best. 

What payment methods do you accept and when are fees due?

Our primary payment method is via bank transfer, we can accept cash by prior arrangement, however, this must be in a clearly labelled sealed envelope stating your child's name and invoice number. 

You will be sent an invoice via our class register system following the first session of a half term block. Your half term of fees will then be due by the end of your 2nd class of the block. 

Please be aware that delayed/missed payments do have an impact on the running of our school, we rely on the payments in order to pay our staff, insurance, room hire and other vital payments. 

Should you need to make arrangements in regards to your payments, please do let us know prior to your invoice due date. If we are made aware of delays in payment in advance we can ensure the late payment fees are not added to your invoice and arrange a plan that suits you. 

Please note: We do operate a late payment fee policy of £2.50 per student per week. 

When are exams and what do you offer?

We currently have a 100% pass rate for RSL/PAA exams in Musical Theatre and Street Dance. Exams are held bi annually during the spring. Our next session is due Spring 2021. Please see our timetable to see which classes offer exam opportunities. RSL/PAA exams are held in our own centre but graded by external examiners who visit us for a day of exams. Exams are individually graded within a group based performance making it a friendly and comfortable setting for those who may not be used to taking professional exams. 

What is the IDR badge system for?

IDR progress badge rewards work in a similar way to those you would expect to find in swimming lessons.

All students work towards ticking off the required criteria - we don't often talk about the badges in classes as we don't want it to become the be all and end all of what we do, but we do ensure that criteria is covered within teaching making it stress free for the students as there is no pressure to 'perform' for an award when they are doing it weekly anyway.

During the 2nd half of a term, we send home letters to let you know which badge your child has achieved. You will then have the option to purchase the badge and certificate from us should you wish - these will be £5- Badges will be available in all classes, however, if you are in Creative Theatre and Spotlight then your musical theatre badge will only be rewarded in one of the classes as we will mark the criteria based on achievements in both classes. 

Your embroidered badge and certificate will come with a short message from your child's teacher to let you know how they have got on this term and what they have been working on. 

As well as performance based criteria such as counting a rhythm, showing specific set dance moves or demonstrating an emotion through acting, being able to follow a vocal warm up, criteria includes other things such as wearing the correct shoes to class, saying thank you to the teacher, applauding your classmates for their performance and having a go/trying new things. 

Some terms you may find that your child has achieved more than one badge and you can then choose to purchase all earned badges or the badge for the highest level, purchasing badges is not compulsory and if you would prefer us to not include your child in this reward system then this is absolutely fine. This system also complements our external RSL exams which take place bi annually.

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