ROSOA Covid -19 Statement

How we are making ROSOA as safe as we can during this time...

ReachOut School of Arts believes in the positive impact that creative sessions and workshops such as ours can have on people, particularly young people, their learning and more importantly on their wellbeing. As a result we are working hard to ensure that when students return to our classes we are doing so as safely as possible. The government guidelines are ever changing but we are ensuring that we are adhering to these changes as and when they are required. 


We are pleased to be able to re-open our studio doors and begin to teach creative theatre and street dance to our students again, We cannot wait to continue to follow our ethos of ‘building confidence creatively’ through the delivery of our work.

To ensure that we are doing our absolute best to make our classes as safe as possible for all involved, please see our adaptions and plans to minimise risk below:

  • Our team will adhere to the Covid -19 procedures within our venues this will include things such as wearing a mask if it is required in certain areas and following sanitising procedures and one way systems - we will confirm via email the specific venue requirements for your class upon confirmation of your place. At present neither of our venues will be able to accommodate grown ups waiting on site during our sessions. We will inform you if this situation changes and areas such as the cafe at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre are reopened. 

  • All ReachOut team members have taken infection prevention and Covid-19 awareness training. 

  • Any class spaces and high contact areas such as door handles will be cleaned regularly and always between classes where we have a changeover in students.

  • All ReachOut team members will complete a health record declaration prior to attending a class declaring that they have not had symptoms of Covid-19 themselves or been in contact with anyone with known symptoms. Should a staff member declare symptoms or being in contact with someone with symptoms, they will adhere to appropriate isolation procedures, we will then do our utmost to ensure we have a staff member available to attend, should we find ourselves in a position to be unable to facilitate your class due to staff being unwell, we will arrange an online 'Zoom' alternative session or a future make up class date.

  • All students will be required to complete a health record declaration prior to attending a class, this form is essential in order to confirm you are safely able to attend our classes protecting those also in attendance.  Without completion of this form weekly, we may have to turn you away forfeiting your fees for that particular session.

  • We will be participating in 'Track and Trace' using our GDPR friendly registration system and will, where necessary, share relevant data with government bodies should we be required to do so. 

  • We have made additions to our health and safely risk assessment to implement new practices and procedures to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. 

  • ReachOut team members will adhere to hand washing procedures on arrival, before and after delivery of our classes, where needed within a session and before and after eating. 

  • Current government guidelines advise that our student groups are reduced in capacity, as such we have created a timetable enabling our students to maintain 'social bubbles' of no more than 15 students, which we are calling our teams, minimising contact with other students. Each group will be given a team name, each team will have a theatre and dance option and they can choose to take one or both classes at their allocated times but only members from their 15 member capacity will be able to take a class within those options, this will mean that students are working in groups that are often less than 15 students in total. Teams will also have set teachers and where possible each team will see at maximum 2 different teachers a week. Unfortunately at present we are unable to offer alternative time slots or swapping of teams once a term has begun. 

  • Many of our sessions would often rely on seeing and being able to touch our props.  In sessions where this is necessary, items will be cleaned before and after each group.. The use of props will be facilitated by our team members and where possible students will have their own prop for the session. Teachers will also make assessments during the session to avoid any cross contamination. Prior to touching any props we request that students are either hand washing or hand sanitising. 

  • Social distancing is advised by the government in our classes, we have measured the rooms we work in and have arranged our capacity to meet these guidelines. Students will be given a 'spot' or 'box' depending on the venue. Masks are not required due to the nature of what we do, however, if students wish to wear a mask this is fine, our teachers will wear masks or visors if supporting a student for reasons such as first aid or shoe lace tieing. At all other times, ReachOut team members will maintain at minimum a 1m distance from any adults or children we may come into contact with but our preference, where possible,  is our staff maintain a 2m distance. ​​

  • Classes and performances within sessions will be adapted to incorporate social distancing, as with all creative workshops we rely on role play and dance and drama based activities, these elements are an important part of what we do and will still take place where safe to do so often focusing on performance as an individual rather than group work. Due to a change in government guidelines (August 2020), we are now able to offer 'low level' singing as an option within our work - during this time, singing at a low volume will be encouraged rather than full performance singing, we will adapt sessions to incorporate additional singing activities when it is appropriate and safe to do so. 

  • Students will be required to only bring essentials into the room such as water, sanitiser, masks and any inhalers they may need. We ask that any excess items are taken away with grown ups during the session such as coats etc. 

  • In order to maintain our teams for a safe amount of time, commitment for classes will last a full term (ie September to December) and payment will be required in advance this can be done in full prior to your first class or in 2 payments, your first payment will confirm your place and your 2nd payment set up with a standing order will be due during October half term, prior to returning in October. Due to our reduced capacity we are unable to offer any form of discount at this time. 

  • Due to restrictions as a result of Covid-19, there will be no annual performance this year but we will be working towards a portfolio project that will allow students to still get the most from our classes whilst rehearsing and working safely. We aim to stage 'Madagascar Jr' in 2021 should restrictions ease enough for us to do so. 

We take the safety of our students, their families as well as our own team very seriously. We feel confident in being able to deliver a safe, engaging experience to your students and hope that our practices above demonstrate that. 

We hope to work with you soon.

Thank You 


Gem, Saskia & Team ReachOut