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Please note: Many of our classes operate waiting lists, with this in mind, when you formally accept a place following a trial you will be accepting a place for a minimum of half a term, if you do plan on leaving classes you will need to let us know a minimum of 2 weeks before the end of the previous half term block. Failure to inform us of you giving up a space in a class within this time frame may result in you being charged for the following half term block. 

Your details will be used only for the purpose of class admin related activities, if you are not a current enrolled student then we will remove your details from your system, therefore, if you take a break from classes for a term and then return you will need to complete a sign up form again. Our holiday club registrations are only valid for the club you are attending, a new form will need to be completed with each holiday club unless you have asked us to retain your information.

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