ReachOut Creative offers Creative Consultancy services for you and your business including:


  • Event Management & Design

  • Creative Support For Campaigns & Projects

  • Event Planning

  • Staff Training (Workshop list available on request)

  • Web & Social Media Set Up 

  • Team Building 

  • Stage Management

  • Casting

  • Choreography

  • Direction

  • Theatrical Support - Concept to Show

ReachOut Creative was launched in January 2019 as an addition to our Creative Arts, Wellbeing and Education provision following several requests from businesses for us to support them in adding creative flare to their projects and events.. With a degree in Event Management and a degree in Theatre & Event Design between them on top of Theatre in Education, Early Years Theatre and Performing Arts training, Gem & Saskia have a wealth of knowledge & experience to help provide you with a 'creative' eye for your business or event, taking out the stress of planning and ensuring you have everything in place needed for a successful event or project.


Social Media & Marketing has also featured highly in the CPD training of both Gem & Saskia so why not let ReachOut Creative assist you in your initial plans for setting up your web and social media presence. 

Has your company been struggling with how to make an idea come to life? Want to tap into a new target market but struggling to step away from the 'same old' ways of doing things. Our Creativity meetings are always flying with ideas and can assist you in stepping outside of the box with your new project.


If you are looking to get more from your company's team then get in touch to discuss our training packages: Half day, full day and longer courses are available, these courses use techniques for performance alongside NLP techniques to drive the best from your work force, if all the world is a stage, then your staff should always be performing, sessions are designed to offer delegates the tools and techniques to perform consistently in their work environment, as a benefit these skills can be transferred to everyday life and are a great support to promoting positive mental health. Encourage your employees to be at their best when communicating either individually or as a group. Give your staff the ability to conduct themselves well in a meeting or sales pitch. The staff training programmes on offer will always promote our ethos of 'building confidence creatively' which in turn will help boost the morale of your company's team. 

With many years of theatrical experience between us in several venues around the world including venues in the USA, Singapore, Germany and prestigious UK venues such as the Liverpool Empire, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham and of course, several smaller local theatres and community venues. The ReachOut team are able to offer support for casting, staging, choreography, direction, producing and sourcing technical elements of theatre as well as merch design and production. Whether it be at an event or in a theatre setting, we can provide you with a package to suit your needs. 

We work with a variety of industries, current clients include touring theatre shows, tourist attractions, recruitment agencies and property maintenance companies as well as schools and nurseries. At ReachOut Creative we don't only offer our services to a set industry, we aim to enhance your project, event or programme no matter what it may be by giving you a 'creative' set of eyes to see things differently.


After all, 'Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no-one else has ever thought'. - Albert Einstein

Our support is offered on a bespoke quote basis with options starting from £50 for a creative meeting, this will then be refunded from your package should you choose to work on an event or project with us.  

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"Creativity is contagious, pass it on"

Albert Einstein

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