We are pleased to announce that from the start of January we will be using the International Dance Rewards scheme to reward our students throughout the year.

The IDR are a badge and certificate scheme similar to those run for swimming and gymnastics. There are a series of attainments to be made which are ticked off as we go along and when all have been achieved students are rewarded with their certificate and badge.

As mentioned before we will still have our usual examinations sitting but this will become bi-annual, the IDR do not replace that, instead they complement the work that we already do and give a tangible reward up to three times a year for students whist we are working towards their graded examinations and as a system for those who may feel graded exams are not for them - acknowledging those all important steps along the way.

Students won't notice too much difference in their lessons, the lessons are structured so as to work their way through the progress record cards. The teacher will record each achievement as it is made, the cards will be retained by the teacher until every badge in the level has been completed and then it will come home along with the final badge and certificate.

We will send you an email out each time your child has achieved their badge (up to three times a year; typically March, July and December) and you'll be able to purchase their reward certificate and badge (which costs £5).

The badges are available for both Musical Theatre & Street Dance and are therefore offered in all classes, If you do not wish to be a part of the scheme that's no problem at all, just drop us an email back and we will not include your child in the scheme, however we do believe the IDR will help build better, more confident performers and hope that parents will support and encourage this too.


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