Our Partners

We are so proud of our partnership with Severn Valley Railway, offering event support and creative activities, theatre, event management, characters and more.

Check out our events at: www.reachoutarts.co.uk/svr

You can find out more about SVR Events here: www.svr.co.uk

Our Holiday clubs are very popular, we are proud to now be partnering with Halo Leisure at the Bridgnorth Leisure Centre to be able to add Multi Sports and Bouncy castles to our clubs. 

Check out our latest events at www.reachoutarts.co.uk/holiday-clubs

We absolutely love delivering Creative Arts support to all Little Green House Settings, visiting toddlers and pre schools across the Bridgnorth, Bobbington and Claverley settings. 

We regularly host Dinky Theatre sessions and also offer support for their special event productions including creating scripts for their Christmas performances. 

We highly recommend Little Greenhouse Childcare settings.

You can find out more here: www.littlegreenhousechildcare.co.uk

We are immensely pleased to be associate members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance,

Anti-Bullying Week is a very important week to us and following a successful few years of supporting the alliance we are proud to have this title. We visit many settings with our interactive assemblies and workshops that can be adapted for all ages.

You can find out more at: www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk

Our Anti bullying workshops aren't limited to Anti-Bullying Week, ask us for more info.

Extremely passionate and knowledgable, we are so pleased to have Sarah on board alongside Gem to offer programmes to educational settings and the public including Relax Kids, Baby Mindful, Chill skills, Exam Stress busting for teens and ChargeUp. All sessions follow the Relax Kids seven step system, which comprises of a series of exercises designed to help children move from a high energy to calm energy state through a combination of movement, play, stretching, breathing, confidence building and relaxation techniques.


With various wellbeing programmes available our wellbeing practitioners Sarah and Gem can offer something for every setting. 

To find out more get in touch. gem@reachoutarts.co.uk

ReachOut Arts are pleased to announce their partnership with

Buy- From & the Pride Hill & Darwin Shopping Centres in Shrewsbury. 

To find out more get in touch. Saskia@reachoutarts.co.uk

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