Charge Up!

Relaxation and calm for teens & young adults

ChargeUp! sessions cover a wide range of topics from self-awareness, sleep hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress management. Sessions follow our tried and tested 7-step system and include interesting activities, exercises and games to encourage learning, skill acquisition and reinforcement of concepts. Activities provoke teenagers to think about a range of life skills; from self-awareness, sleep, hygiene, to consent and boundaries and stress management

ENERGISE ~ Movement exercise to for energy- management
CONNECT ~ Ice-breaker games for social connection
EXTEND ~ Simple stretches for energy for stress- management
RECONNECT ~ Peer/self massage for self-awareness and empathy
FLOW ~ Breathing exercises for self-regulation
REBOOT ~ Positive affirmations for focus and concentration
RECHARGE ~ Relaxation and visualisation for stress release and deep relaxation

Sessions are available to individuals, families, educational settings, home education groups, community groups and work settings as short courses, one to ones or half/full day wellbeing workshops. 

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